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Alexandria, Virginia

Exotic Finches

Lady Gouldians, Owls, Societies, Stars, Zebras, Bourke's Parakeets, Kakarikis, and Diamond Doves



Zebra Finches

Owl Finches

Lady Gouldians

Star Finches

Society Finches

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Bourke's Parakeets


Rosey hen and normal male                               Normal hen and male



Baby bourkes a week old                                                Baby bourkes 5 weeks old


Normals $65.00                                  2 Chicks hatched  3/17 and 3/20

Split to Rosey  $80.00

Rosey $100.00


Red Fronted Kakarikis




 Red fronted Cinnamon hen and pied male pair                            Red fronted pied hen



Red fronted pied pair                                                        Siblings from pied pair


For Sale (Proven Pairs)

Pied Pair   $500 Pr.

Pied Male and Cinnamon Hen    $350 Pr.  Or both pairs for $800

Selling them to make room and concentrate on Finch Breeding




New Finch Pics 2/11/05





Shafttails and Stars










New Additions


Strawberry finches






Strawberry babies from above pair

Born August 26, 2004





Shafttails Finches







Shafttail Babies From Fawn Pair

Born September 4, 2004 







Blue Capped Cordon Blue Finches







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